Vitamin Level Testing helps unlock the keys to understanding your body’s nutritional needs

Let’s say you’re getting concerned about your health. You made a resolution to get in shape, eat right, and lead a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you’re thinking about joining a gym.

Before you do that, consider another step first. You can use a vitamin level testing kit to test your existing vitamin levels. You might be thinking, why do that, you can always just buy a bottle of vitamins at the store.

Hold on. This is not about how long it’s been since you took a multivitamin.

Vitamin level testing serves a much bigger purpose. It can literally chart a course for your body’s health. Following the plan after the report helps you overcome fatigue, anxiety, or depression. It can help you feel more energetic, and help you fight off illnesses.

How can it do that much? Because what most people don’t know is what their vitamin levels are. And that’s why Vitamin Level Testing is the perfect start to any effort to improve who you are and how your body operates.

How Does Vitamin level testing identify deficiencies

A vitamin deficiency affects a lot of people, but they don’t realize how much. In fact, symptoms that may appear to be related to something else might not be a mystery. Those symptoms could be caused by not having enough of the most critical vitamins in your system.

This is a worldwide issue. The World Health Organization has estimated that more than a third of the world’s population is struggling with vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamins help make up the body’s essential compounds. We obtain most of our vitamins from our diet – assuming we’re eating the right things.

People who do will benefit because vitamins contribute to cell and tissue growth, as well as the regulation of our metabolism.


What Vitamins are important?


Consider several key vitamins that we need, including:

* Vitamin K, easily found in leafy greens and other vegetables, and known to help prevent excessive bleeding. A Vitamin K deficiency can increase that risk.

* Vitamin B12, crucial for nerve and brain function and blood formation, is found in dairy products, eggs, shellfish, and meat. Deficiencies are often reported among seniors.

* Vitamin D, found in egg yolks and fatty fish, can also be obtained through ultraviolet rays from the sun. Adequate levels contributes to bone growth, calcium absorption in your gut, and reduction of inflammation. It can boost your immune functions. Vitamin D deficiencies have contributed to soft bones and rickets in children, and muscle weakness in adults.

* Vitamin A, a contributor to our vision, immune function, and formation and maintenance of healthy bones, teeth, and skin, is often found in animal products like dairy, fish, and meat. A Vitamin A deficiency can lead to suppressed immunity.

The bottom line: the cells of your skin, stomach and blood have a short lifespan, just a couple of days, and are constantly being renewed. Vitamin A, for example, plays a critical role in the functions of nearly every cell in the body.

And it’s easy to get Vitamin A in foods like eggs, butter, milk, carrots and broccoli.

How to chart your overall health

Your vitamin levels can explain why you may be experiencing problems in your daily life.

When patients feel sick and exhausted, doctors order vitamin D tests.

In fact, doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, and wellness experts all emphasize how important your vitamin levels are.

For example, you can experience a Vitamin D deficiency if you’ve been spending too much time indoors. When it’s hot and humid outside, the comfort of your air-conditioned home instead does not override the need for adequate vitamins.

The lack of exposure to sunlight can leave you with a Vitamin D deficiency.

People with low levels of Vitamin D can end up at greater risk of cardiac problems.
Adequate levels of D protect your heart by reducing inflammation and contributing to lower blood pressure.

What are the benefits of Vitamin Level testing

That’s why vitamin level testing is so important.  A balanced diet, particularly of foods rich in key vitamins, will help prevent these illnesses.

At Balanced Body Labs, we can help you determine which supplements your body needs for optimal health and wellness.

Once you understand your nutrient composition, you have the keys to lead a healthier, more vibrant and more balanced life.

This is how to make sure you’re addressing your body’s specific needs. So if you want to develop a plan to be healthy and fit, consider vitamin level testing as the ideal first step.

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