Solving the Mysteries of Vitamin Deficiencies: Knowing what your body needs most

We’ve all heard about the benefits of taking daily vitamins. We know certain vitamins help us in specific ways. But do you know the problems that vitamin deficiencies can cause?

When it comes to gaining the full benefits of vitamins, the overall picture is complicated.

On the question of whether vitamins help you stay healthy or give you all the nutrition you need, experts are skeptical.

People who smoke and drink heavily are not likely to be helped by vitamins.  At the same time, people who eat right and have a balanced diet may already be getting the benefits of vitamins from their meals.

There’s another critical factor when it comes to adding vitamins to your diet.  Think of everyone living in your neighborhood or going to your gym. Each one requires different vitamins and nutritional supplements to get what their body needs most.

At Balanced Body Labs, we can work with you to discover the optimal nutrition intake you need by measuring your individual nutritional performance.

We developed the first at-home nutrient blood testing system. It eliminates the guesswork and measures each clients’ nutritional makeup.

Using our data, we can empower you to take exactly what your body needs most.



The Problems with Multivitamins


The truth is, there are no shortcuts when it comes to benefiting from vitamins.

Some people think their easiest and most effective option is to take a daily multivitamin. Consumers see it as one tablet with the key nutrients from all major vitamins.

Researchers disagree. Those who study epidemiology and medicine think multivitamins are basically ineffective.

Nutritionists also note there’s no documented evidence that a daily multivitamin can improve your health.

Because a much smarter approach is to take the Balanced Body Labs sample blood test. We can tell you where your body is nutritionally deficient.



The Different Roles Vitamins Play


People suffering from vitamin deficiencies can feel miserable. That can lead to fatigue, anxiety, muscle aches and even depression.

But the solution is not as simple as grabbing a bottle of multivitamins for relief. Different vitamins assist us in different ways.

For example, there are different benefits in using:

  • Vitamin D. It’s well established that we all need a proper level of Vitamin D is our system. It’s been viewed as a treatment for fatigue, depression, muscle weakness, heart disease and cancer. Often called the “sunshine” nutrient, we know Vitamin D protect us from several forms of cancer and ensure a strong immune system. Studies have also shown it can reduce respiratory infections.
  • B-Vitamins. These vitamins a play a role in our cellular energy production. They’re considered a good way to boost energy. If you’re deficient in B-vitamins, fatigue is common.
  • B-12 Vitamins. Anyone feeling chronically tired should consider checking their vitamin B12 level. This deficiency often gets ignored, but can produce bouts of depression. People with low B12 levels find their feelings of anxiety and despair can disappear once they address this deficiency. The body doesn’t make B12 on its own and needs to receive it through food or supplements.

People need vitamins to provide what our bodies can’t create naturally, but very much need.

As a result, having the right balance in our systems is essential for everything from healthy skin to strong bones, teeth and muscles.

Most importantly, a deficiency can result in tiredness, joint pain, stiffness, backache, cramps and even hair loss.

However, studies have also shown that vitamin deficiencies can be widespread.



The Balanced Body Labs approach to vitamin deficiencies


Balanced Body Labs understands that nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all situation.  Once you  know more about your own vitamin levels, you can successfully make smart, healthy choices in the future.

We have a simple four-step process. Go online and order our nutrient testing kit, which comes with a blood spot test card.

You can send it back to us in the return envelope (with postage label) that we included in your kit. You’ll also get an instructional graphic for completing your blood spot sample.

Once our lab gets your sample, we’ll analyze your blood for 34 vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and other nutrients your body needs. You’ll receive the test results by email.


Conclusion: Do you want the most balanced body possible?

You can go online today to order a nutrient testing kit.

You can then take the first step toward putting all the right books into your micronutrient library.

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