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This privacy policy contains the general and technical details about the steps we take to respect and protect information collected from and about customers and visitors (“Users”) to our website (the “Website”) and the principles governing the use of data obtained from Users (the “Privacy Policy”). At Balanced Body Labs (“BBL”), meeting a User’s needs and expectations form the foundation of everything we do, including protecting your privacy.

BBL has a strong commitment to providing excellent service to all Users of our Website including with respect to concerns about privacy. If, after reviewing this Privacy Policy, you have any questions or privacy concerns, please send a letter to:

Balanced Body Labs Privacy Policy

2424 North Federal Hwy, #455

Boca Raton, FL 33431

This Privacy Policy is effective as of February 1, 2017.  Please check here periodically for notice of updates to this Privacy Policy.


This Website does not collect personally identifiable information when you browse the Website or request pages from our servers unless you provide it to us. This means that we will not know your name, your email address, or any other personally identifiable information just because you browse the Website, unless you:

  • Access the Website from a link in an email that we sent;
  • Input your personally identifiable information via your registered account login;
  • Register an account, create a profile, and either log-in to your account or choose to be remembered via your personal settings; or
  • Input your personally identifiable information in a section of our Website requesting to be contacted by BBL.

When you request a page from our Website, our servers log the information provided in the HTTP request header including the IP number, the time of the request, and the URL of the request. We collect the HTTP request header information in order to make our Website functional. We also use this information to personalize content presented to you, better understand how visitors use our Website and how we can fine tune it, its contents, and functionality to meet your needs.


When we need to collect personally identifiable information from Users to provide a Blood Spot testing kit, we will ask you to voluntarily supply us with the information we need. For example, to purchase a Blood Spot testing kit, you must create an online BBL account which includes your name, address, telephone number, email address, and credit card number to complete your purchase. We will use your email address to send a confirmation of your purchase and, if necessary, might use the other information to contact you for help in processing your order or your test results. We will also use your contact information to:

  • Send you a non-marketing informational message regarding the availability of your test results accessible by logging into your online BBL account;
  • Notify you about special offers and promotions as described in this Privacy Policy; and
  • Send you periodic satisfaction or market research surveys.

You can opt out of marketing communications at any time. On occasion, we use third parties to provide us with additional contact information about Users given the information provided to us directly. For example, if we know your name and postal address, we may use a third party to provide us with your email address. We would then use this information for market analysis and marketing purposes.


BBL is legally required to safeguard your protected health information (“PHI”). PHI includes information that can be used to identify you that BBL has created or received about your past, present, or future health or medical condition, the provision of healthcare to you, or the payment of healthcare. We recognize the importance of PHI and take all steps appropriate and necessary to maintain the privacy of your PHI.

BBL is required by law to maintain the privacy of PHI and to provide you with notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to PHI (the “Privacy Notice”). This Privacy Notice describes how BBL uses and discloses your PHI.

It is BBL’s policy to use or disclose PHI only as permitted by law as follows:

  • To carry out treatment (e.g., test results made available to the authorizing healthcare provider);
  • To obtain payment for treatment; and
  • For healthcare operations.  We may disclose PHI to a 3rd party lab or to evaluate the quality of testing in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations that affect clinical lab testing.

BBL may use and disclose your PHI for purposes other than treatment, payment, or health care operations only with your written authorization which you may revoke at any time. BBL reserves the right to use and disclose your de-identified PHI for data mining and other such purposes in BBL’s sole discretion without obtaining your written authorization and without otherwise advising you either before or after the disclosure.

BBL may use or disclose PHI to the extent you have been notified in advance and have had the opportunity to object in whole or part under the following circumstances in which consent or authorization is unnecessary:

  • To notify family, friends, or other individuals involved with your care or in the payment for your health care;
  • In an emergency where the opportunity to object is not practical due to emergency circumstances or your incapacity; consent may be obtained retroactively;
  • To an entity authorized to assist in disaster relief efforts;
  • As required by federal, state, or local law;
  • To a public health authority to carry out public health activities;
  • To a government authority, under certain circumstances, in the event we reasonably believe you are a victim of abuse, neglect, or domestic violence;
  • To a health oversight agency to conduct health oversight activities such as audits, civil, administrative or criminal investigations, inspections, licensure or disciplinary actions;
  • To carry out judicial or administrative proceedings;
  • To a medical examiner to identify a decedent or determine cause of death;
  • For the purpose of conducting medical research; or
  • To comply with worker’s compensation laws.

BBL is committed to protecting your individual rights as they relate to your PHI.  You have the following rights:

  • To authorize uses and disclosures of your PHI, and to request restrictions on future uses and disclosures of your PHI. We reserve the right to refuse to grant specific restrictions but, if we agree, will be bound by such restrictions. You may not limit the uses and disclosures that we are legally required or allowed to make;
  • To receive communications in an alternative manner or at an alternative location (i.e., an alternative address or communications sent electronically);
  • To access, inspect, and obtain copies of your own PHI unless otherwise prohibited by law. In accordance with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA), we must have written authorization from your physician before they may be released directly to you;
  • To request that your PHI be amended;
  • To receive an accounting of all disclosures made in accordance with an authorization; and
  • To request a copy of this Privacy Statement.

If you believe BBL may have violated your privacy rights, please send a letter to:

Balanced Body Labs Privacy Policy

2424 North Federal Hwy, #455

Boca Raton, FL 33431

You may file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights by sending a letter to 200 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20201, calling 1-877-696-6775, or visiting  We will not retaliate against you for filing a complaint.

This Privacy Notice is effective as of February 1, 2017.  BBL can change the terms of this Privacy Notice, and the changes will apply to all information we have about you.  The new notice will be available upon request, in our office, and on our website.


As a California resident, you have the legal right to request from businesses with whom you have an established business relationship (a) a list of the categories of personal information, such as your name, address, email address and the type of services provided to the customer, that a business has disclosed to third parties (including affiliates that are separate legal entities) during the immediately preceding calendar year for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes; and (b) the names and addresses of all such third parties.

To request the above information, please mail your written request to the following address, with a reference to California Disclosure Information:

Balanced Body Labs Privacy Policy

2424 North Federal Hwy, #455

Boca Raton, FL 33431


This Website is not intended for children and we do not knowingly solicit or collect personally identifiable information from children. It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to determine if the Website and BBL’s services are appropriate for use by individuals under the age of 18. When a minor uses the Website and BBL’s services, the parent(s) or guardian(s) of that minor will be held responsible for the minor’s actions and are deemed to have consented to the use of the minor’s information by BBL. By submitting a Blood Spot sample of a minor, you represent that you are the minor’s parent, legal guardian, and have explicit permission from the minor’s parent or legal guardian.


The personally identifiable information you provide to us for making your purchase is made available to BBL and its third party service providers for the purpose of fulfilling your purchase order and providing you with the results of your test. After making your purchase and receiving your test results, unless you tell us otherwise, the information you provide may be used by us, our third party service providers, and our Authorized Licensees for marketing of BBL products and certain other BBL branded products and services. BBL may additionally use the services of third party mail houses for the sole purpose of mailing materials.

After your purchase and test results, we retain your personally identifiable information including details of your purchase and test results.


You can access our Website from a web-enabled mobile device. If you desire to view your account profile or test results, you will be required to enter your BBL account user name and password. No other personally identifiable information will be requested. You can make a purchase from a web-enabled device. When you make a purchase, you will need to provide certain personally identifiable information such as name, email address and credit card information. Additionally, you can make payments to BBL, via credit card, by accessing our Website from a web-enabled mobile device. To review the security measures BBL has in place regarding your credit card data, please review the section below titled Securing the Transmission and Storage of Information ASAS.


BBL treats the information Users provide to us as confidential information; it is, accordingly, subject to our company’s security procedures and policies regarding protection and use of confidential information. When we ask you for personally identifiable information, it is transferred over a Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) line, provided you are using a SSL enabled browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. This ensures that your information is encrypted as it travels over the Internet. This secure mode is enabled before any such information is transmitted from your computer or web-enabled device. You will know you are in secure mode when the padlock or key icon in the lower right-hand or left-hand corner of the computer screen appears in the locked position. In addition, when accessing a secure server, the first characters of the site address will change from “http” to “https.”

After information reaches us, it is stored on a secure server that resides behind firewalls designed to block unauthorized access from outside of BBL. Because laws applicable to personal information vary by country, BBL may put in place additional measures that vary depending on the applicable local, legal requirements. Information collected on the Website covered by this Privacy Policy is generally processed and stored in the United States.


BBL uses the services of third party processors.  For example, we use third parties to process payments from you and to help manage the Website. For performing the Blood Spot tests or storing samples, we may use approved, specialized laboratories or storage facilities.  Other third party processors may include market researchers, fulfillment houses, email service providers, mail house, BBL’s Authorized Licensees, persons authorized by you, and entities and marketing companies that provide these services for BBL and BBL’s Authorized Licensees. These parties are contractually prohibited from using personally identifiable information for any purpose other than for the purpose BBL specifies. We may provide non-personally identifiable information to certain service providers for their use on an aggregated basis for the purpose of performing their contractual obligations to us.

BBL does not permit the sale or transfer of personally identifiable information to entities outside of BBL and our third party service providers for any non-BBL use without your approval.

If you would like to request a list of our third party service providers, please send a letter to:

Balanced Body Labs Privacy Policy

2424 North Federal Hwy, #455

Boca Raton, FL 33431


We offer you choices when we ask for personal information, whenever reasonably possible. We provide you the opportunity to ‘opt-out’ of having your personally identifiable information used for certain purposes not essential to BBL’s providing the Services to you, when we ask for this information. You may decline to provide personal information to us and refuse cookies in your browser, although some of our features or services may not function properly as a result. If you no longer wish to receive promotional communications, you may opt-out of receiving them by following the instructions included in each communication or by emailing or calling us per the information contained on our contact page.

By providing information to BBL, you are consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of such personal information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy. We provide you the opportunity to withdraw your consent at any time by following the procedure described in this Choice/Opt-Out provision.

Such consent may be withdrawn in writing and sent to our customer service department at the following physical address:

Balanced Body Labs Privacy Policy

2424 North Federal Hwy, #455

Boca Raton, FL 33431


Our Website uses “cookie” technology. “Cookies” are encrypted strings of text that a website stores on a User’s computer. Our Website requires the use of cookies throughout the online purchase process. Without cookies, we will not be able to keep information you enter on multiple pages together. Cookies also enable us to customize our Website and offerings to your needs and provide you with a better online experience. In addition, cookies are used to:

  • Measure usage of various pages on our Website to help us make our information more pertinent to your needs and easy for you to access; and
  • Provide functionality such as online purchases and test results and other functionality that we believe would be of interest and value to you.

The types of cookies that we use are referred to as “session” cookies and “persistent” cookies. Session cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted once you close your internet browser. Persistent cookies remain on your computer hard drive until you delete them or are otherwise removed upon expiration. We do not use cookies to ascertain any personally identifiable information about you apart from what you voluntarily provide us in your dealings with us. Cookies do not corrupt or damage your computer, programs, or computer files.


It is our intention that Users should only receive email communications that will be useful to you and that you want to receive. When you communicate with BBL via email and provide your email address, we may periodically contact you via email and provide information about BBL special offers and promotions that may be of interest to you (unless you opt out). We may also give you the opportunity to receive offers and promotions from BBL Group Companies concerning other BBL branded offers and promotions that we believe would be of interest to you.

We typically use third party email service providers to send emails. These service providers are contractually prohibited from using your email address for any purpose other than to send BBL related email.

Each time you receive an email, you will be provided the choice to opt-out of future emails by following the instructions provided in the email. Please allow 10 business days for us to process your opt-out.


BBL is only responsible for the Privacy Policy, the Privacy Notice, the content of this Website, and the information we collect. We are not responsible for the data collection and use practices and privacy policy or the use of cookies on Websites that you have accessed from this Website and to the non-BBL Websites that you may access from this Website.


This is a U.S. Website and is subject to laws of the U.S. and the State of Florida. BBL will disclose personally identifiable information and PHI without your permission when required by law, or in a good faith belief that such action is necessary to investigate or protect against harmful activities to BBL customers, visitors, associates, or property (including this site), or to others. As previously indicated, laws related to personally identifiable information vary by country.

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