Nutrition testing helps unlock the mysteries of our bodies and our dietary needs

Sometimes it seems like nutrition testing gets a bad rap.

Or at least it appears at times that nutrition may be misunderstood, with far too many assuming it’s all about cutting from their diet anything they truly enjoy, and instead limiting themselves to bland foods that are good for them.

Well, that’s not the story about nutrition at all.

Nutrition is actually about far more than simply diet. It’s a key part of our body’s system of preventative medicine. It’s also why everyone should consider nutrition testing. It’s the way we can guarantee that our bodies get the proper nutritional intake that we, as individuals, need the most.


The nourishment we need

Because nutrition is all about supplying our bodies with the foods that fuel us. It’s the simple practice of consuming and utilizing foods that we need most to fight off illness and prevent diseases. Think of it as our basic food requirements.

Most of all, nutritional science studies have repeatedly demonstrated this. We know the body breaks food down. That’s called catabolism. The body also repairs and creates cells and tissues. That’s called anabolism. When you combine the two, you get metabolism.

And what nutritional science helps us understand is how diseases and illnesses can be prevented if we’re smart enough to maintain a healthy diet.


The risks of a poor diet

But the study of nutrition isn’t just about how a healthy diet helps us. It’s also about how a poor diet – what is called malnutrition – can elevate our risk for health problems.

People who don’t understand much about the basic nutrients that we all need often turn to fad diets — which fail. These men and women don’t recognize that the body needs fuel to carry us through the day. That can’t be accomplished if we starve ourselves.

Your body ends up craving the very things we’ve cut out. The reason our bodies crave these foods is because we need them.

Proper nutrition is about providing the body with that much-needed vitality, courtesy of the essentials: nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that keep the body healthy.

Eating a balanced diet is crucial. All of the research on this subject has made this clear for years.


A Healthy Mix


But assuming that certain foods work the same for everybody isn’t the right approach. Peanuts are considered good for us – they’re a healthy snack and a fine source for antioxidants, B vitamins and monounsaturated fats. But some people are allergic to peanuts.

The truth is, our own genetic make-up is what helps us determine what our bodies need most – as individuals.
Our bodies work best, and we remain at our healthiest, when we provide our bodies with the vitamins and nutrients required to supplement the energy that can be obtained from fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

There are genetic variations in some of the proteins that regulate how our bodies make use of these nutrients. For some people, it’s not enough to have what might be considered a “standard” healthy diet.

Take, for example, Vitamin B, which plays a central role in cell metabolism and cellular functions. If our bodies are not getting enough Vitamin B, and you have a Vitamin B deficiency, you can experience symptoms ranging from fatigue and confusion to anemia and skin rashes. It can even leave you with a compromised immune system.

That’s why it’s important to maintain a balanced diet – one that gives your body all the nutrients it requires, which come from different types of foods. Each food group can serve a specific purpose. Carbs provide us with a key source of energy. Vitamins and minerals help us extract the energy from the carbohydrates. They can also help us fight illnesses and improve our bones. Proteins serve as the building blocks of our bodies.

And then there’s the old line that remains true today: everything in moderation.


Vitamin Level Nutrition Testing

Because a good place to start understanding your body’s nutritional needs is to take a blood test to determine your vitamin levels. Balanced Body Labs understands how important it is for all us to supplement our diets with the right amount of nutrients.

Our cutting-edge blood spot technology allows us to analyze and measure 34 different nutrients in your blood sample. We use that to determine the exact amount of each hormone, vitamin, amino acid and fatty acid in your body.
Nutrition testing can reveal something as simple as a Vitamin B12 deficiency, or other nutritional deficiencies. This test can also explain your remaining symptoms that you’ve been struggling to figure out.


Finally, Balanced Body Labs can help you sort through the often complex puzzle of what kind of nutrients your body desires. Nutrient is our daily fuel – but we’re all different and have our unique needs.

The Balanced Body Labs nutrition testing is a great way to find out how you can ensure that you’ve giving your body exactly what it needs to be at your very best. The best part of this test? You can take it right from the comfort of your own home!

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