Does your nutrition level match your performance and fitness goals?

Upon submission of your nutrition blood test, you will receive a report encompassing the details of your body’s nutritional makeup. Our in-depth reports take you step by step through each micronutrient family and shows you the exact levels of nutrients that your body is maintaining through metabolism, every day.

Maximum nutritional balance will help you reach your maximum fitness potential – no matter where your individual goals lie.

In One Easy-to-Read Report, You Will Find:

  • A full micronutrient library (from vitamins to amino acids and essential fatty acids)
  • Exact measurements of your body’s nutritional composition
  • Industry-standard status readings so you know exactly where you stand

Knowledge is power

We give you the power to take control of your health and gain the extra edge you need to come out on top, and to stay there.

To reach peak performance, you need peak nutrition. Whether you’re building muscle, training for endurance or reaching your optimal weight, nutritional balance is key.

Your custom report identifies the specific supplements, in specific quantities, that you need for optimal health and athletic performance.

For returning clients, we also include a nutrition test history for easy micronutrient tracking over time. Don’t let your nutrition level stand in the way of your performance goals.

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