About US

Who We Are

Balanced Body Labs™ believes that optimal nutrition and peak physical performance are inextricably linked. Measuring your individual nutritional performance will empower you to conquer any challenge that comes your way.  

That is why we have developed the very first at-home nutrient blood testing system. Our revolutionary system is designed to support those focused on athletic performance, health and wellness, fitness and nutritional well-being. Custom reports offer a comprehensive view to each client’s nutritional make-up.

Most recently, we have enhanced our program with the addition of a new test designed with the potential to identify 10 different metals within your system utilizing a urine specimen, collected in the privacy of your personal environment.


Testing Process And Results

Balanced Body Labs™ uses industry-leading technology with ultra-high performance liquid chromatography combined with tandem mass spectrometry to analyze each individual blood sample and urine specimen. Using dry blood spot samples, this process determines the measurable concentration of each nutrient in our complete micronutrient library. Urine specimen is analyzed for macro and micro elements for development and function.

In your individualized micronutrient report, you will see a breakdown of our analysis. Each report measures amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, metals and other nutrients your body maintains. Next to your status readings, you will also see normative levels, so you know exactly where you should be to achieve ultimate nutritional body balance.

Measure. Master. Perform.

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